Catering for Adolescents


Nutrition in Adolescents

Adequate nutrition is essential for Australian children and adolescents to support heathy growth and development.

By offering a menu in line with the Dietary Guidelines, we can help ensure that students have access to nutritious food every day and encourage healthy eating habits. Nutrition in adolescents should not only focus on reducing the risk of overweight and obesity, but also supporting healthy growth and development. As adolescence is a time of rapid growth, appetites may be increased, therefore foods, especially snacks should be chosen carefully.

Cater Care

Cater Care (Cater Care | Contract Catering Service Company in Australia) provides food service to Wiltja Boarding students. The service consists of a continental breakfast daily, with a hot breakfast offered twice per week. Lunch includes choices from the sandwich and salad bar which includes a variety of salads, vegetables, deli meats, unprocessed meats, high fibre breads, wraps and rolls. Dinner includes one hot option, followed by dessert. Mid meals are also provided and include a variety of sweet and savory snack items such as scones, scrolls, slices, quiches as well as fresh fruit.

Wiltja Boarding menu has been developed based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines, Nutrition Australia, and the Healthy Kids Association


Here is a typical menu that you can download that shows all meals over a 4-week rotating schedule.